There is no doubt, that on over the weekend when it's a warm sunny day, blue sky and you have absolutely nothing pressing, the blue shimmer of the swimming pool is inviting. You take a fast dip, stretch and cool down in the water then lie back in the sun for a few minute. Exactly what's going through your head? Is it the power meter spinning away in the background as you pool pump works overtime?

Running a swimming pool isn't low-cost, however if you set it up appropriately, it can be a luxury that you can utilize and take pleasure in without the pain of big power expenses. Heating and pumping will comprise the huge parts of your pool costs. You may choose to do without swimming pool heating, but you do require a pump. Before you purchase a basic swimming pool pump, consider a Solar Pool Pump, as they can significantly reduce your swimming pool running costs. If you already have a pool and pump system, retro-fitting enhancements may still be worth it. However if you are just about to put a swimming pool in, stop and think of your plumbing and pumping setup.

Second of all, the actual pool plumbing can contribute to the load any pump (solar powered or not) draws. The more power the higher the "cost", especially if it is grid linked and you are paying power costs.